Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2018 Mar;22(5):1297-1306.doi: 10.26355/eurrev_201803_14471.

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LncRNA SNHG12 regulated the proliferation of gastric carcinoma cell BGC-823 by targeting microRNA-199a/b-5p



  • 1 Department of Medical Oncology, Affiliated Wujiang Hospital of Nantong University, Suzhou, China.

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Objective: We aimed at detecting the expression of lncRNA SNHG12 in gastric carcinoma and at exploring its effect on the proliferative ability and metastasis of gastric carcinoma. Also, its mechanism was analyzed.

Patients and methods: A total of 54 pairs of gastric carcinoma and paracancerous tissues were harvested from patients in our hospital. Clinical data were used for analyzing the relationship between lncRNA SNHG12 and general information of patients with gastric carcinoma. Knockdown and overexpression experiments were carried out to investigate the relationship between the expression of lncRNA SNHG12 and the proliferation ability of BGC-823. RNA levels of possible target microRNAs were verified and further confirmed by RIP and CHIP experiments.

Results: Higher lncRNA SNHG12 expression was observed in 6 gastric carcinoma tissues than the paracancerous tissues. Clinical data analysis demonstrated that highly expressed lncRNA SNHG12 was related to tumor size and TNM staging. Survival analysis showed that highly expressed lncRNA SNHG12 in patients with gastric carcinoma was negatively correlated to the overall survival time. Additionally, the expression of lncRNA SNHG12 was positively linked with the proliferative ability of BGC-823. RIP experiment confirmed the binding abilities of lncRNA SNHG12, microRNA-199a/b-5p and Argo2. The distinct interaction between lncRNA SNHG12 and microRNA-199a/b-5p was verified by CHIP experiment CONCLUSIONS: This study indicates that lncRNA SNHG12 may play an important role in tumorigenesis and may serve as a molecular target for the malignant gastric carcinoma.