Sci Rep.2020 Oct 27;10(1):18303.doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-75358-1.

MiR-155/GSK-3β mediates anti-inflammatory effect of Chikusetsusaponin IVa by inhibiting NF-κB signaling pathway in LPS-induced RAW264.7 cell

Yi Xin  1 Qin Yuan  2 Chaoqi Liu  3 Changcheng Zhang  3 Ding Yuan  4 Affiliations

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It has been demonstrated that Chikusetsusaponin IVa (CsIVa) possesses abundant biological activities. Herein, using LPS to establish acute inflammation model of mouse liver and cell line inflammation model, we investigated whether miR-155/GSK-3β regulated NF-κB signaling pathway, and CsIVa exerted anti-inflammatory effects by regulating miR-155/GSK-3β signaling pathway. Our results showed that LPS induced high expression of miR-155 and miR-155 promoted macrophage activation through GSK-3β. In addition, CsIVa inhibited inflammatory responses in LPS-induced mouse liver and RAW264.7 cells. Furthermore, we demonstrated that CsIVa improved the inflammatory response in LPS-induced RAW264.7 cells by inhibiting miR-155, increasing GSK-3β expression, and inhibiting NF-κB signaling pathway. In conclusion, our study reveals that CsIVa suppresses LPS-triggered immune response by miR-155/GSK-3β-NF-κB signaling pathway.