Animals (Basel). 2022 Sep 11;12(18):2368.doi: 10.3390/ani12182368.

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chi-miR-99b-3p Regulates the Proliferation of Goat Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells In Vitro by Targeting Caspase3 and NCOR1



  • 1 Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai 201106, China.


We previously found that chi-miR-99b-3p was highly expressed in the skeletal muscle of 7-month-old (rapid growth period) goats and speculated that it may be associated with muscle development. To further investigate the role of chi-miR-99b-3p in goats, we found that chi-miR-99b-3p acted as a myogenic miRNA in the regulation of skeletal muscle development. Dual-luciferase reporter assays, qRT-PCR, and Western blot results confirmed that Caspase-3 and nuclear receptor corepressor 1 were direct targets for chi-miR-99b-3p as their expression was inhibited by this miR. Cell proliferation and qRT-PCR assays showed that chi-miR-99b-3p promoted proliferation through relevant targets and intrinsic apoptosis-related genes in goat skeletal muscle satellite cells (SMSCs), whereas inhibition of chi-miR-99b-3p had the opposite effect. Furthermore, integrative transcriptomic analysis revealed that overexpression of chi-miR-99b-3p induced various differentially expressed (DE) genes mainly associated with the cell cycle, relaxin signaling pathway, DNA replication, and protein digestion and absorption. Notably, most of the cell-cycle-related genes were downregulated in SMSCs after miR-99b-3p upregulation, including the pro-apoptosis-related gene BCL2. In addition, 47 DE miRNAs (16 upregulated and 31 downregulated) were determined by Small RNA-sequencing in SMSCs after chi-miR-99b-3p overexpression. Based on the KEGG enrichment analysis, we found that these DE miRNAs were involved in the biological pathways associated with the DE genes. Our study demonstrated that chi-miR-99b-3p was an effective facilitator of goat SMSCs and provided new insights into the mechanisms by which miRNAs regulate skeletal muscle growth in goats.

Keywords: Caspase-3; NCOR1; apoptosis; chi-miR-99b-3p; goat; proliferation.