Vet Sci. 2023 Jan 19;10(2):75.doi: 10.3390/vetsci10020075.

Transcriptome RNA Sequencing Reveals That Circular RNAs Are Abundantly Expressed in Embryonic Breast Muscle of Duck

Jing Liu  1   2 Shuibing Liu  1   2 Wentao Zhang  1   2 Xiaolong Hu  1   2 Huirong Mao  1   2 Sanfeng Liu  1   2 Biao Chen  1   2


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Circular RNAs are widespread in various species and have important roles in myogenesis. However, the circular RNAs involved in breast muscle development in ducks have not yet been studied. Here, to identify circular RNAs during duck skeletal muscle development, three pectorales from Shan Ma ducks at E13 and E19, which represent undifferentiated and differentiated myoblasts, respectively, were collected and subjected to RNA sequencing. A total of 16,622 circular RNAs were identified, of which approximately 80% were exonic circular RNAs and 260 were markedly differentially expressed between E19 and E13. The parental genes of the differentially expressed circular RNAs were significantly enriched in muscle-related biological processes. Moreover, we found that the overexpression of circGAS2-2 promoted cell cycle progression and increased the proliferation viability of duck primary myoblasts; conversely, knockdown of circGAS2-2 retarded the cell cycle and reduced the proliferation viability of myoblasts. Taken together, our results demonstrate that circular RNAs are widespread and variously expressed during the development of duck skeletal muscle and that circGAS2-2 is involved in the regulation of myogenesis.

Keywords: GAS2; circular RNA; duck; proliferation; skeletal muscle.