Insects. 2023 Apr 5;14(4):362.doi: 10.3390/insects14040362.

Determination of Key Components in the Bombyx mori p53 Apoptosis Regulation Network Using Y2H-Seq

Meixian Wang  1   2 Jiahao Wang  1 Ayinuer Yasen  1   2 Bingyan Fan  1   2 J Joe Hull  3 Xingjia Shen  1   2



  • 1 Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Sericultural Biology and Biotechnology, College of Biotechnology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang 212100, China.
  • 2 Key Laboratory of Silkworm and Mulberry Genetic Improvement, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Sericultural Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhenjiang 212100, China.
  • 3 USDA-ARS Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, AZ 85138, USA.

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The apoptosis pathway is highly conserved between invertebrates and mammals. Although genes encoding the classical apoptosis pathway can be found in the silkworm genome, the regulatory pathway and other apoptotic network genes have yet to be confirmed. Consequently, characterizing these genes and their underlying mechanisms could provide critical insights into the molecular basis of organ apoptosis and remodeling. A homolog of p53, a key apoptosis regulator in vertebrates, has been identified and cloned from Bombyx mori (Bmp53). This study confirmed via gene knockdown and overexpression that Bmp53 directly induces cell apoptosis and regulates the morphology and development of individuals during the metamorphosis stage. Furthermore, yeast two-hybrid sequencing (Y2H-Seq) identified several potential apoptotic regulatory interacting proteins, including the MDM2-like ubiquitination regulatory protein, which may represent an apoptosis factor unique to Bmp53 and which differs from that in other Lepidoptera. These results provide a theoretical basis for analyzing the various biological processes regulated by Bmp53 interaction groups and thus provide insight into the regulation of apoptosis in silkworms. The global interaction set identified in this study also provides a basic framework for future studies on apoptosis-dependent pupation in Lepidoptera.

Keywords: Bmp53; Bombyx mori; Y2H-Seq; apoptosis; model; pathway.

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